“With KING LIZARD’S KINGDOM, Gaëlle escapes into nature, with a powerful desire to share her attraction for areas brimming with plantlife. She reads exciting experiences that should inspire us all. She decodes with sensitivity and passion the challenges facing the generations that will be in charge tomorrow. If you have children in your entourage, offer them “KING LIZARD’S KINGDOM”, to feed their wild dreams. And above all, read it to them, nestled together in a corner of a park or garden, while they show you, with their fingertips, a flower of life, a purple iris or angel wings, hidden in the very beautiful drawing. The most wonderful journeys are made together. But if you don’t have a child nearby for the time being, treat yourself to the book anyway. You will be transported into the double magic of childhood and the forest.

Renata Libal, Editor-in-Chief of the swiss lifestyle publication ENCORE !