The message of the book The message of the trees

To protect our forests, to continue to live and grow, we need all the children in the world.

So here and everywhere, each child can create his or her own Kingdom.

By making each tree around him a friend and sharing the story of King Lizard’s Kingdom with others.

An ecological & educational tale

When trees make children grow from the inside out

The book of KING LIZARD’S KINGDOM pays tribute to the wealth of an unspoiled natural environment that generously proffers its treasures. A world consisting of Nature. To be discovered, felt, touched, seen, listened to and respected.

Its story is inspired by the woods of Château de Vullierens. It is on these lands that children can come and meet him. While its inspiration is linked to an existing place, the Kingdom lives in all the forests and all the trees in the World.

The main idea is to raise children’s awareness about trees and how to protect them against the many dangers they face.

The story is based on a lizard that has found shelter in the forest; he becomes a friend of a tree but above all, he will become the King of the Kingdom because he will save the forest from an imminent danger he’s familiar with as he comes from the city. This danger comes from Men. While the lizard provides the answer to “who is the danger”, it is the forest that will bring the solution on how to counter it by teaching the lizard how its information system works.

Through its narrative, the book addresses messages such as solidarity, trust and believing in your dreams. This book is also an invitation to children to make every tree, every wood that surrounds it its Kingdom.

This is a book designed to fulfil the reading wishes of children of different ages, and which adapts to their curiosity and willingness to learn. A glossary introduces the main characters of this tale constructed in a “fantastical and magical” way, while drawing on scientific facts explained in the form of questions and answers (optional for very young children).