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July 2019
21 x 21 cm
92 pages
Printed on FSC label paper
100% Swiss Made

Two stories – The Golden Cloud & The Fairy Circle
FR & ENG in the same book (recto/verso)

With the purchase of the book King Lizard’s Kingdom, a colouring booklet is complimentary gifted.

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isbn: 9 782839 926522




there was an incredible Kingdom, which came from an abundant natural environment sculpted by time.

Thanks to his experience in the city, a lizard saves the forest from great danger. He discovers how Nature communicates and all the magic that inhabits it. By being supportive of the trees, he wins the trust of his new friends. To thank him they crown him King of the Forest.

King Lizard becomes aware of the fact that the balance of the forest is fragile and that it is exposed to many dangers. While he is lying in his ivy hammock near his two friends, his sleep is interrupted by screams… Luckily the fairies are keeping watch.

KING LIZARD’S KINGDOM © 2018 Bthe1 Communications Sàrl – Gaëlle Gygax-Zosso
Illustrations © Caroline Aellen

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